Our Pet Services

Cage Free Environment, With Constant Attention and Affection

We offer your dog a safe, healthy and happy place to play and enjoy Tahoe. Boarding with us is a fun experience for your dog and you. No kennel setting here, much more like home. We have web cams for your viewing, while you are away from your loved one. Our purpose for starting TTT was to create a place, for dogs, where they could be dogs, and truly be happy when they have to be away from you.

Doggy Day Camp

Camp Services:

Lake Tahoe has so much to offer your dog and Tahoe Tails & Trails makes sure your little buddy has every chance to enjoy it all. They’ll be taken on nature walks, enjoy a dip in the lake, and even be pampered with paw massages. There are plenty of snacks to go around and dinner is served to all overnight lodgers.

Personal Doggy Cabins

Upon check-in, your dog is assigned to his or her own personal cabin, where their belongings are kept to make them feel at home. Removing a dog from their natural environment causes stress, anxiety, and can lead to illness, so we make sure that your dog feels as though they’ve never left home.

Daytime Activities

Each dog receives a walk every two hours through the forest also constant play time in our 1500 sq foot facility , swimming, and massages can be added to your dog’s day. While inside camp, your dog is treated to great things to climb on, jump over, run around, and fetch. Whether inside or outside, your pup has the time of their life.

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Each Dog eats in private away from other dogs. Tahoe Tails & Trails Adventure is a firm believer in not changing your dog’s diet. If your pet is staying overnight, we ask that you provide your dog’s particular food.Please bring food in a zip lock bag. We provide the bowls for food and water.Please bring whatever your dog is used to eating, we have a refrigerator and microwave for those special dinners. We do have food available on-site; so don’t panic if you forget the food.

We prefer that all daytime visitors are fed prior to coming to camp, but they will of course receive plenty of treats throughout the day while in camp. Please inform us of any special diets or requirement and we’ll be happy to accommodate them. Contact us today for more information about our doggy day care.

Check In & Out Times

We are open for drop off and pick up from 8am-12 and 2pm-6pm.

Overnight boarding check out  time ends at 10 am. If you wish to leave your dog longer than 10 am on pick up day, a pro rated day care charge will be applied.

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Full Grooming Spa

We are now offering full grooming and spa services.

Located in the same building as current day care and overnight boarding, just next door!!! Very convenient to add on to a boarding or day care visit, or just come in to treat your pooch to a day at the Dog Spa. Make an appointment today!


For less than what it costs to fill your tank, you can provide your dog with a wonderful experience. Be sure to ask about promotional discounts as they do change per season.

Rates for Camp:

  •  Day Care $38 (Includes 1-2 forest walks)
  •  Day Care Second Dog $32
  •  Overnight Only $25, time restrictions apply, reservation required
  •  Overnight and Day Lodging $50, Second dog $45
  •  Mon-Sat 8am-11am and 2pm drop off
  • Sundays 9am-11am and 2pm-4pm drop off
  • Ask about local discounts


  •  15-Minute PAW Massage — Starting at $20
  •  Package Rates Available
  •  Gift Cards Also Available
  • Web cameras to watch your pooch during open hours
We do have a cancellation policy for any cancellations under 48 hours before you scheduled day. This is do to our limited space.For any stays longer than 5 nights we will require 1/2 of the total when you check in your dog.

Bring your pooch to our doggy day camp in Stateline, Nevada for luxurious dog boarding with a host of wonderful amenities.

Call our pet sitters in Stateline, Nevada at (775)580-7121 to reserve your dog's spot at our K-9 adventure camp.